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Flexible all inclusive service

We are very proud to offer a flexible service at a fixed price which includes up to 200kms of driving on average over each 9 hour day so you do not have to worry about escalating or variable costs.

For tours we usually quote for a 9 consecutive hour day and for golf days we add an extra 3 hours free of charge. Both have an average of up to 200kms included per touring day.

Additional hours/kms will be extra and must always work within the drivers hours laws.

Don't worry though - you will not be on the stopwatch from the word go.

We want your trip to be relaxed, fun and free flowing.

We are all human and we expect over runs sometimes so this will not be a problem when your itinerary is genuinely planned to work within your booking time.

We are always delighted to help you plan your itinerary in advance where we can advise of any potential over runs and your driver will of course be able to advise you on the day as well.

Upgrade from a 9 to 12 hour day

  • Class A VIP Minivan - 90.00 Euro
  • Class B Executive Mini bus - 105.00 Euro
  • Class B VIP Mini bus 105.00 Euro
  • Class C Midi Coach 135.00 Euro
  • Class C VIP Midi Coach 135.00 Euro
  • Class D Executive Large Coach 150.00

Prices include an extra 50kms per upgrade

Costs per additional 50 kilometres or part thereof

  • Class A VIP Minivan - 15.00 Euro
  • Class B Mini bus - 20.00 Euro
  • Class B VIP Mini bus - 20.00 Euro
  • Class C Midi Coach - 25.00 Euro
  • Class C VIP Midi Coach - 25.00 Euro
  • Class D Large Coach - 40.00 Euro


If you require additional hours, kms, evening transfers, etc, it is advisable to book this with our office as far in advance as possible so we can advise you of costs, your drivers available legal hours and any potential issues, restrictions or vehicle availability.


Your 9/12 hour day begins from the your appointed pick up time on the day (Example 09:00 at your hotel) and includes driving, visits, waiting time, breaks, etc.

Be aware though that your drivers legal hours however begin from the time your driver takes over his vehicle at his base/lodgings and end when he parks up fully finished later that day back at his base/lodgings.

We are always delighted to give you any assistance you may need to help you plan any aspect of your trip so please do feel free to contact us anytime.

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