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bird General

No - All our bus tours are for groups large or small, who wish to book a private vehicle plus driver/guide to enjoy their own custom itinerary.

We are always keen to hear from Tour Operators and Travel Agents. Contact us today

Our tours are for groups who wish to enjoy their own custom itinerary using one of our luxury minivans, buses or coaches, complete with one of our experienced driver/guides.

We cater for all sorts of tours from scenic tours, golf tours, garden tours, sports tours, genealogy tours, business trips, history tours, religious tours, archaeology tours, spiritual tours, mythology tours, pub tours, photography tours and much more ....

No - All our tour buses come with a driver/guide.

It may be cheaper to drive your own rented vehicle but nothing compares to the experience of having your own luxury tour vehicle with your own personal driver/guide.

bird Planning Your Bus Tour

Yes - We would be delighted to help you plan your itinerary. Our expert tour planners will give you as much help as you might need.

This is all part of our service to you.

See our Tour planning page for more details.

Yes - We can advise you on your best hotel options, best tee-times and what attractions, etc need to be pre-booked in advance.

If you like we can package up your tour to include your hotels, golf, attractions, entertainment, etc.

See our Package Tours page for more details.

Yes - definitely. This is one of the best advantages of booking your own private tour.

We pride ourselves on offering a flexible tour service so you can enjoy each day at a pace and direction that suits you.

This means you can go where you please and when you please with impromptu stops, 'photo ops' and changes of plan along the way.

Your driver/guide will help you to make the very most of every day and will have lots of options/suggestions for you throughout your trip.

Most tours will be quoted on the basis of 9 consecutive hours per day with an average of 200km per day. If you need more, just let us know.

IMPORTANT: The vast majority of roads in Ireland are accessible to our vehicles but we may avoid L roads (local). We can of course travel on all M roads (Motorways), N Roads (National) and R Roads (Regional). If you book lodgings, attractions, etc on an L road, be prepared for a nice walk.

We strongly recommend you have your own personal travel insurance so you are covered in the event of an illness/accident, cancellations or any unforeseen events.

The best time to take out travel insurance is before you make any bookings so you will be covered if you need to cancel.

No - Typically our tour bookings are for 5 to 8 days or more but you can book our services for just a few hours, a half day or whatever suits you.

The longer the booking - the better the price!

It is advisable to pre-book some attractions, tours, etc in advance. Some attractions are fine on a pay as you go basis but your tour planner can advise you on this

For golfers it is imperative that all tee-times are booked as far in advance as possible.

See our Tour planning page

See our Package Tours page

bird Package Tours

No not at all - Many groups just book their bus/car plus driver/guide with us and then look after their own hotels, attractions, etc

Of course we still still give you lots of help and guidance on the best places to stay, golf, visit, dine etc.

We offer the option of booking some or all hotels, attractions, entertainment, etc.

This saves you a lot of time and effort putting your tour packagetogether.

See Package Tours

This really depends on how much you want us to include, your group size, duration, etc.

Contact us today for a prompt quote.

No - When you book your minibus/coach/car with us you have the option to avail of a package tour no matter how small or large your group is.

Your tour planner will first work very closely with you to plan your outline daily itinerary.

This in turn will dictate where your overnight locations may ultimately be.

Based on your preferences, you will then be presented with a list of lodgings, tee-times, attractions, entertainment, etc. and a total cost for everything.

Should you decide to proceed with your booking, your tour planner can advise you of your deposit amount and when your balance is due.

A 25% deposit will secure your booking and your balance due would be payable anytime up to 8 weeks prior to when your tour commences.

Please see our Refund & Cancellation page for full details.

bird Your Bus, Luggage & Driver/Guide

We can recommend which tour vehicle would suit you best based on your group size, tour duration, luggage requirements (golfer/non-golfers), comfort level, etc.

See our Fleet Page

For your own convenience and comfort it is always best to keep luggage to a respectable minimum.

Note: Golf groups will always need a larger vehicle than regular tours to cater for their clubs.

Your tour planner can advise what is a sensible baggage allowance based on your group size/vehicle preference.

See our recommended luggage allowances.

Yes - Your driver will also be your experienced Irish tour guide and will give you entertaining, fun and informative running commentary as you drive along.

No - Your driver will be your guide while on your tour bus only.

If you need a guide for a walking tour or to escort you around an attraction, we can help you arrange this.

Yes - initially your tour planner will work closely with you on your outline itinerary prior to your tour commencing.

Your driver/guide will then work with you on an hourly/daily basis to ensure you make the very most of every day with ad-hoc stops, 'photo ops' and last minute changes all being part of your touring day.

Yes - your driver will load and unload your luggage on/off your tour bus.

However it is up to you to bring your luggage to/from your tour bus.

Yes - Although we assign driver/guides to your tour well in advance, there can be many extra bookings, cancellations, additions, amendments before your tour commences.

This is before we even calculate your drivers legal hours/days available to him/her so generally we do not confirm your drivers details until about a week before your tour date.

Please note: When your driver is confirmed, this will not change unless there are unforeseen changes like an accident or illness.

We get lots of requests from groups who want their own favourite driver/guide.

We love this and our policy has always been to do our utmost to make this happen.

However, sometimes this is just not possible due to a driver already being booked for your dates, or he/she does not have enough available legal hours/days available.

As with the previous answer, our bookings are changing all the time with additions, amendments, cancellations, etc so this can change a drivers schedule at any given time.

Please be assured though that we will do our very best.

Yes - although not compulsory, tips are a normal part of touring and generally reflect your satisfaction level of the service you received.

We often get asked as to what is an appropriaate tip. This is something of an impossible question as this can depend on the group size, bus size, number of adult/kids, tour duration and more..

A very general rule of thumb would be that 10% of your bus cost is a good tip, 15% is excellent and 20% is outstanding.

bird Booking & Payments

Yes - To secure your bus and driver/guide we will require a deposit of up to 25%.

Deposits for package bookings may vary due to the individual policies of hotels, attractions, golf clubs, etc.

Your balance is due 12 weeks prior to your tour commencing.

Please see our Refund & Cancellation page for full details.

Yes - This is our preferred method.

Account Name: Butlers Buses LTD
A/C Number: 40662324
NSC: 902637
Bank Address: Bank of Ireland, Westbourne Place, Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland.

IBAN: IE16 BOFI 9026 3740 6623 24

Yes - We accept all major credit cards (Visa - Master Card - American Express)

Please see our Payments Page

Unfortunately, we no longer accept cheques.

bird The First Day Of Your Tour

You can start/finish your tour from anywhere you like.

Our quoted price is the same no matter where in the Republic of Ireland your tour starts or finishes.

There will be some extra costs involved if your tour starts/finishes in the North of Ireland or in a different country which we can advise you of from the outset.

Your tour planner will advise you of your driver/guides name & number before your tour commences and will also send you details of where your driver/guide will be and how to find him/her.

bird While On Tour

Yes - it is your tour and you can decide where you want to go and when within your booking time frame.

Of course we will help you plan your itinerary and advise if your plans are realistic/achievable.

Your driver will also be working with you on an hourly/daily basis but ultimately you are free to decide what is best for you within your booking time frame.

Most tours will be quoted on the basis of 9 consecutive hours per day with an average of 200km per day. If you need more, just let us know.

IMPORTANT: The vast majority of roads in Ireland are accessible to our vehicles but we may avoid L roads (local). We can of course travel on all M roads (Motorways), N Roads (National) and R Roads (Regional). If you book lodgings, attractions, etc on an L road, be prepared for a nice walk.

When we give you our quote we will state how many consecutive hours per day this covers.

Generally this will be for 9 consecutive hours per day with an average of 200 km per day which should be plenty of time to see and do lots every day.

It is no problem to extend your touring day up to a maximum of 12 consecutive hours with extra kms as well.

See Extra Costs

For golf tours the duration is generally 12 hours per day (on golfing days)

Please note: The driver hours laws are a separate issue and must be adhered to at all times.

Yes by law - See details of the driver hours laws.

Generally the drivers hours laws are not a major issue for a regular touring day.

An issue for example can arise if you have an exceptionally long touring day or if you have a late finish followed by a very early start.

Your tour planner is always happy to work with you and advise on all matters relating to the drivers hours laws.

Yes - Example: Joe comes in a day later than the main group and wants to be collected in Dublin Airport to be transferred to Killarney to join the main group.

This is no problem but do keep in mind that you are using up your drivers hours/daily mileage.

No - No exceptions!

Your driver/guide will not smoke in, around or near your tour bus either.

Yes - in moderation :)

Yes - of course.

We would ask though that you keep your vehicle clean and remove all of your waste each day.

Yes - However this must work in with your daily touring hours/kms and also the drivers hours laws which must be adhered to at all times.

Your tour planner will be happy to discuss any evening requirements you may have.

See Extra Costs

See also driver hours laws

bird Complaints - Breakdowns

Most issues can be resolved quickly so please contact us via your driver or direct with our office and we will endeavor to give you a speedy resolution.

For complaints, please contact us in writing by email or post.

See our contact details.

We continuously strive to improve our service and take all complaints very seriously.

You can be assured of a quick and comprehensive response should you have any complaints.

Although we have a very modern fleet of high end vehicles, this unfortunately is no immunity from the dreaded breakdown.

Thankfully though, due to continued investment in top class vehicles coupled with an intensive maintenance program, our breakdown situations are very rare.

However, this does not mean we can rest on our laurels and we will always try to be one step ahead.

The plan in a breakdown situation is always making you, our customer the top priority and to ensure you are safe and your inconvenience is kept to an absolute minimum.

If we cannot provide a speedy solution, we have a comprehensive network of bus/coach companies around Ireland to call upon for assistance to get you underway again with the least amount of disruption as possible.

bird Lost Luggage

Please Contact our office and we will always do our very best to locate your property.

Any lost property that has been found by our staff will be stored at our depot in Carrigtohill Industrial Estate, Co. Cork, Ireland, T45 A896 for a maximum of 3 months.

It may be collected from here, by prior arrangement (normally by courier), between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately due to security reasons we are unable to forward any lost property found on board our vehicles.

bird Questions About Ireland

Ireland is truly magical anytime of the year but the most popular months are from March to October. (May to September are our busiest months)

Many people overlook touring Ireland in Autumn and Winter but you really are missing out....

Save money touring Ireland in Autumn and Winter

We use the Euro in The Republic of Ireland.

In Northern Ireland we use the English Pound (Sterling)

For currency exchange rates see

Ireland has a moderate climate influenced by the Gulf stream with no major extremes.

It can be erratic at times but in general the summer time is very pleasant.

Do bring a light raincoat and umbrella along with you though and a sweater for the evenings - just in case!

From the USA and Canada - our office number would be 0 11 353 21 4811660.

From Europe - our office number would be 00 353 21 4811660.

Click here to see dial codes from all countries to Ireland.

The short answer is that our voltage in Ireland/UK is 220-240 volts and we use 3 pin sockets.

You will need an adapter which generally can be found in airports and tourist locations.

Remember though that your appliance may be suited to the voltage of your country - For example: The USA/Canada are 110-120 volts.

However most modern appliances are able to handle all voltages.

For safety please check out this link.

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