Top 10 Touring Tips for your bus tour of Ireland

Top 10 Touring Ireland Tips

bird 1 - Don't overstretch yourself

Your touring day is always best enjoyed if you get the balance right between travelling, golf, leisure, visits, meals, etc.

Attempting to fit in too much or setting unrealistic goals can lead to stress and frustration.

From experience, the best full day tours are always between 150 to 200 km on average per day.

This allows you ample time to cover a varied landscape and also get to enjoy a great mix of visits, lunch, shopping, free time, etc. into your touring day.

We will help you plan exciting trips for any part of Ireland for each day of your tour with lots of interesting options that will ensure you make the very most of every touring day without ever overstretching yourself.

bird 2 - Choose the right car/Bus for you

Your budget may dictate which size tour bus or car that you will ultimately choose.

It is always wise to have some spare seats free on your vehicle if you can. This will allow you room to spread out and be more comfortable.

If you plan on carrying lots of luggage, please keep this in mind when making your vehicle selection.

Ensure that your bus has the following:

As Standard - Full A/C, Reclining seats, Separate Luggage compartment, PA System and CD/DVD.

As Optional - Washroom/Toilet, Tables, Fridge and extra legroom.

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Barryscourt Castle
bird 3 - An experienced driver/Guide is vital

Your driver/guide is without a doubt the most important ingredient of a successful private bus tour of Ireland.

He/she should have in-depth knowledge of Irish Tourism, a cheerful personality and very pleasant manner.

He/she will also have to be an experienced tour guide who will impart all sorts of information in a friendly, funny and informative way that will truly enhance your Irish tour experience.

Take a peek at our driver/guides

bird 4 - Pack right

Pack right - Pack light.

It is always tempting to pack to the limit of your baggage allowance.

Please do keep in mind that you may be changing hotels several times on your trip which means packing/unpacking - loading and unloading.

Coaches have a maximum weight capacity that cannot be exceeded by law.

The more luggage you bring the bigger the coach you need to cater for all passengers and luggage.

See our Luggage Recommendations for more information

Bunowen Bay
bird 5 - Appoint a Tour leader

Our bus tours are totally flexible and everyone gets to have their say.

However, it is always wise to appoint a group leader who will have the final say and then liaise directly with your driver/guide.

bird 6 -Money matters

We use the Euro in the Republic of Ireland and Sterling pounds in the North of Ireland.

Traveller's cheques/checks are not very convenient in Ireland as it can be hard to cash them.

Credit cards are widely accepted and ATM/cash machines are commonplace.

Please note that $100.00 bills may not be accepted in many places including banks.

bird 7 - Don't make a plan that is too rigid

If your itinerary is too rigid, it can become stressful trying to make deadlines or missing out on impromptu visits/stops and 'photo ops'.

For some groups, especially large ones, it is important to have a somewhat structured day but for others, it is best to have an outline plan with many options to choose from on the day.

We always advise not to book a lunch venue if at all possible. When you have lunch booked in advance, the restaurant will be holding places for you (most likely at their busiest time) so you are committed to being at a specific place at a specific time and this can spoil the flow, flexibility and choices of your tour day.

Evening meals are usually a different matter as you will be back at your hotel in good time to freshen up and make your own way to the restaurant in your own time and make your way back later that evening at your leisure.

Be sure to avail of our tour planning service with one of our expert planners.

bird 8 - Plan your overnight locations carefully

It is important to carefully plan where you are going to stay. For example, it is not a good idea to book a self-catering cottage out in a remote peninsula for a full week if you plan on touring all 4 corners of Ireland.

Having 2 or more overnight locations gives you greater scope to see a whole lot more places and reduces repeat journeys.

It is a good idea to book lodgings in the village/town/city centre where pubs, restaurants, facilities are all nearby and within walking distance.

Our tour planners will help you with this.

Another common mistake is to book a hotel which is very far away from your starting point which means you spend all day getting there and have no time to actually enjoy the place when you get there - Or worse, having to leave early again the next morning.

If you can, try to build in more than 1 night stay in each location whenever possible.

Talk to us first before you make any bookings.

We can give you expert, impartial advice that will make your trip even more enjoyable.

Be sure to take full advantage of our expertise.

Also, why not let us package up your bus tour for you where we can book your hotels, attractions, etc?

bird 9 - Pre-book some Attractions

Some attractions do not need to be pre-booked.

However many guided tours will expect you to pre-book such as The Cliffs of Moher, Giants Causeway, Muckross House, Newgrange, Dublin Castle and much more.

We can help you with this as part of our free bus tour planning service.

bird 10 - Plan ahead

We want you to enjoy a flexible itinerary with lots of options on route.

However, you always need to plan ahead.

As with all companies, we must comply with the European Drivers Hours Laws.

Again we will help you with this as part of our tour planning service.

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