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Game of Thrones®

"Westeros might look like another world, but the Seven Kingdoms are not far away. The dramatic landscape of the Game of Thrones® was filmed in our beautiful Northern Ireland.
We have listed some great attractions and exciting itinerary ideas for your visit to Ireland below..."
 Winterfell Tours

Winterfell Tours:

Get your photo taken peering through the window Bran was pushed from & standing were Jon Snow stood in the Winterfell Archery Range.

You can even meet Direwolves Odin and Thor (they are brothers and are named after the Old Viking Gods), they starred in many scenes including the ‘finding of the Direwolf puppies’ scene, and now you could meet them on tour at their home Winterfell Castle.

GoT To Escape

Belfast’s only dedicated Game of Thrones inspired escape room destination.

Each game lasts 60 minutes and is perfect for between 2 and 6 people to play. It’s fun, intelligent entertainment for those for whom the ordinary can never be enough.

Ulster Museum

From Winterfell to the Iron Islands, there is an epic tapestry in Ulster Museum which brings to life the locations and story of the Game Of Thrones®.

Weaving the story from Seasons 1 to 7, this impressive tapestry gives Game of Thrones® fans the perfect chance to reminisce over all the action that led to the finale of Season 7, with further panels depicting the story of Season 8 due to be added to the tapestry in June 2019.

GoT Doors

In January 2016, the Game of Thrones® filming location known as the Dark Hedges, or Kingsroad to the people of Westeros, was battered by storm Gertrude. 

Wood from the trees that fell that day was carved into 10 intricately designed pub doors, each one telling the story of an episode in Game of Thrones® season 6.

 Tollymore Forest

Glass of Thrones

Explore the Game of Thrones® saga through these spectacular interactive stained glass windows – all your favourite moments captured forever.


"You can add some of these itinerary ideas to your tour or for those diehard Game of Thrones fans build your itinerary around them...."
 Winterfell Tours

Day 1. - County Down.

Tollymore Forest Park - The Haunted Forest.

Inch Abbey - Robb Starks camp at Riverrun.

Castle Ward - Winterfell Castle- The home of the Stark Family.

Day 2. County Antrim

Cairn Castle - The Neck and the North.

Shillanvogy Valley- The Dothraki grasslands.

The Glen of County Antrim - Rhinestone, Vale of Arryn.

Cushendun Caves - A cove in the Stormlands.

Murlough Bay - Slaver's Bay, Essos and Storm Lands.

Ballintoy Harbour - Lords Harbour, Port of Pyke and The Iron Islands.

The Dark Hedges - The King's road.


Day 3 Derry Fermanagh

Port Stewart Strand - Coast of Dorne.

Downhill Beach - Dragonstone.

Benveagh - Dathraki Grasslands, north of Meereen Esso.

Pollinagollum Cave - Bernic Dondarrions - hide out the Riverlands.

 Game of Thrones
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