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St. Patrick's Day (Top Facts)

"It might just be one of the biggest celebrations in the world, so join us, wear green and celebrate the Irish in all of us..."
St Patricks Day Parade

1. St. Patrick wasn't born in Ireland.

Patrick's parents were Roman citizens living in Scotland or Wales. St Patrick is now celebrated across the world as our patron saint. Proving you don't need to be born here to be Irish. We truly are the land of hundreds of thousands of welcomes.

2. Snakes, what snakes?

St Patrick rid all the snakes from Ireland! Legend has it that the snakey reptiles attacked St. Patrick while he was on a 40-day fast. He then chased them all into the sea. Although in my earlier singleton days I definitely meet a few who survived.

3. First St Patrick's Parade?

The first St Patrick's Day parade was in Boston in 1737.

Not one to miss a party, Ireland joined the fun in 1903 where Waterford joined the club hosting our first St. Patrick's Day parade.

If you visit Ireland this year you'll find all sorts of parades. Short, long funny or arty we have it all.

4. Blue and Green should never be seen.

Did you know Ireland including its flag were represented by blue? In 1798 when the colour green became officially associated with Ireland.

Who really drove the snakes out of Ireland?

5. Celebrated Everywhere

St Patrick's Day is celebrated in Space. St Patrick’s Day is celebrated in countries across the globe, and even in lower orbit. In fact, many iconic monuments turn green to celebrate. It has even been marked on NASA’s International Space Station.

6. Happy Maewyn Day.

St Patrick's given birth name was Maewyn Succat, he took on Patrick when he became a priest. So we could be celebrating “Maewyn Day” instead of “St Patrick’s Day”. It doesn't have the same ring to it!

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